Betway has introduced betgames as an addition to its many entertainment products and you can access this via a multitude of options including mobile and desktop.

Betgames is a lottery-style lucky draw game that has live numbers draw resulting every 5 minutes. This fast-paced dynamic game combines the concept of the popular numbered balls of the lottery with the traditional fixed odds of sports betting.

You can either select to bet on numbers or colours with each game providing different options and categories to play. Betgames draws are available at all hours of the day and are live, this makes it easy and allows you to play at your convenience.

Learn how to play Betgames?

Place your betgames bet in three easy steps once you logged in:

  • Select a game
  • Select a bet type/ category to bet on
  • Choose your stake or bet amount

You have a range of games you can choose from which include:

  • Lucky 5
  • Lucky 6
  • Lucky 7
  • Wheel

Although similar betting categories may be shared amongst the games, each game is unique and provides its own unique entertaining feature. There is one betting round and you can place your bets between each round before a draw takes place. Results are drawn roughly every 5 minutes (some result every 3 minutes), if you have a correct selection your winnings are credited directly to your Betway account where you can withdraw instantly as there is no wagering/through requirement.

If you want to learn more about the rules of each game, we have a How to play tab with all the information you need to familiarise yourself.

What makes betgames so popular is the fact that bets start from as little as R1, however, the returns on your bets are substantial. We also provide you with a tab to check your betting history to make it easy to keep track of your progress.

Different betting categories

Each game has its own betting categories, popular betting options include the following:

  • A selected ball will be dropped from number 1 to 42 (or 36 if you are playing Lucky 5)
  • More odd numbered balls will be dropped
  • More even numbered balls will be dropped
  • At least two of the selected seven numbers will be dropped
  • Two selected balls will be dropped from No. 1 to 42
  • and more 

Why play betgames?

  • Games are available all hours of the day and result every 3-5 minutes
  • Winnings are credited directly to your betting account and can be withdrawn at any time. No wagering/playthrough required
  • All draws are live and not prerecorded meaning everything is 100% authentic
  • Bet amounts on betgames start from as little as R1 meaning you do not need to deposit big amounts to enjoy.
  • As we offer different sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis and more, you can enjoy betgames in conjunction with your favourite sporting events.